Our Organization - Michael George Events
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Our Organization

Michael George Events has managed and catered some of the best parties in the Hampton’s. Their ability to provide catering, event management as well as staffing gives them an edge to provide the best experience for their clients for the past 15 years.

Michael George Events has catered and planned some of the best weddings and private parties in the Hamptons as well as NYC. In addition to the medium to large private affairs they have also catered and managed some of the Hampton’s Mega Events.

They have successfully managed the catering (in partnership with Sant Ambroeus) and staffing for “Super Saturday” for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund since 2003.

They have also been the coordinating caterer and event manager working with the Breast Cancer Foundation on “Paddle and Party for Pink” in North Haven since 2013.

We coordinate and execute everything with precise detail and timing. With a staff of 200 or more on a single event, Michael George Events has the capacity and experience to make your party or event seem easy.

What we do is make it happen from start to finish!

About Michael George

Michael grew up in the Hamptons, and like many young people on the east end, he began working in restaurants while putting himself through school.

Over the years his career evolved and he found himself drawn into the catering end of the food business. He found that planning and catering parties allowed him to combine his background of art and his love of food a great combination which was very rewarding.

He also quickly realized that his organizational skills were exceptional to the degree of being able to execute some of the east end’s largest events without the typical chaos found in the industry.

Michael has done this by putting a very high level of organization into their planning process of each and every party and event they do.

Michael’s staff comes walking in to your space knowing what they are supposed to do down to every last detail. This gives his staff the ability of knowing exactly what our clients are expecting ahead of the game.

It actually makes them feel good about their job and want to perform at a higher level for our client.

It is that simple…

Expert Event Management

MGE has managed some of the East End’s largest events for over 10 years. We have coordinated and managed the catering for such events such as “Super Saturday” for “Sant Ambroeus” and the “Ovarian Cancer Research Fund” since 2003. MGE is also the lead caterer and assists in the planning for Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s “Paddle and Party for Pink” in North Haven. We have also assisted The James Beard Foundation on “Chefs and Champagne,” with staffing coordination in years past.

Our goal is to make it happen!

We coordinate and execute everything with precise detail and timing. With teams of 200 or more on a single event, MGE has the capacity and experience to make your large fundraiser seem easy.

Logistics and Planning

Our logistics and planning go beyond our industry standards. We measure each and every detail of your property and input all that information into a highly detailed Computer Aided Drafting System (CAD). This allows us to produce an exact layout to scale of your property and make sure all of your visions and ideas will come together on site properly prior to delivery.

From tents, to generators, down to the placement of a trash can in our production kitchen, we figure it out and make sure that our clients have a visual of that plan before the event even gets ordered. We then take your vision, in plan, and give it to each and every staff person and vendor being used so they know what to do and where they are going at all times.

Year after year, it gives us the ability to keep a log of that plan and make it even better every time we come back. Many of the parties we do both big and small keep happening due to the success of the events.

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